March 29, 2017

Half-day availabilities in the booking calendar & design adjustments

As an additional overview for the customer in recent days available or non-blocked half-days are displayed in the public availability calendar. This is how customers directly see when they can start with a booking and on which date they have to schedule the return of the rental object at the latest.

Half-display display of availabilities
The half-day availability is dependent on whether a booking ends at 12 noon (second half of the day free) or after 12 midday (mid-day free).

By the way, you can also choose whether or not to display a legend about the availabilities. In addition, the adaptation of the colors and the calendar on CSS basis (via Bootstrap framework) is almost completely given.

February 08, 2017

New process management makes working easier

The new process management in rentingforce makes it possible to precisely define the transitions between inquiries, reservations and bookings.

With the latest update the workflows in rentingforce are much closer to the real processes and work steps of a landlord. Thus, for example, it is easier to distinguish between booking requests and completed bookings and reservation requests can be simply accepted or rejected.
In this way, new employees can quickly learn the software and can easily answer online booking requests.

In rentingforce, the transitions between different transaction types are now triggered with a single mouse click. The transitions have corresponding names and also ask for the necessary data during the execution or send appropriate information and confirmations to the customer upon request.

For example, a request with the corresponding buttons can be converted directly to a reservation or canceled.
You have questions or feedback about the new workflows? Contact us!

July 26, 2016

New dashboards for customers and transactions

Working with the new, improved user interface makes a lot more fun. The type of booking, the rental period and the customer or the agency are clearly listed. All actions are only a mouse click away.

New dashboards for rental transactions

On the overview page all rental listings, discounts, extras, receivables and payments be viewed and modified easily. Changes can be made specifically for only one area.

Documents can be displayed in a quick view and be printed right away. The sending of e-mails has never been so easy, practical email templates reduce regular work.

In addition, the new dashboards are also available in the customer and agency view. Again, the master data maintenance is much easier, additionally live sales stats are displayed for each client and agency.

July 14, 2016

New Booking Calendar with many new features

The new booking plan is now available for all our customers and is not only faster, but also provides many new features.

New Booking Calendar with many new features

So the occupancy can be newly enlarged or reduced continuously. The day view or the practical monthly view is possible without effort. Additional information about the rental objects and the transactions can be easily retrieved by moving the mouse over the object. The type of information displayed can be individually adjusted.

New bookings can be easily created directly from the calendar and the type of transaction can be selected in a simplified manner. The selection of only a few hours is newly supported.

If a reservation takes additional time for provision before and / or after the rental period, this block time is also displayed.

Here you can directly take a look at the new features!

July 07, 2016

Improvements for discounts and extras

In July we steadily expended rentingforce with many new features and have many customer requests implemented. In the following article we present a brief summary of the most important innovations in the area of ​​discounts and extras.

Improvements for discounts

Now the automatically calculated discounts are stored separately and not combined when creating a transaction. In addition, the entry of a manual discount price and / or a manual discount percentage discount is now possible. This was previously already possible during the editing process, but not when creating a new rental transaction.

Additional extra functionalities

Booking extras are comparable to additional items on an invoice. Therefore extras are now also supported by the transaction type sale. Extras can also be entered independently of new rentals. A typical example of this is a customer who has booked five rental objects, but only have to pay shipping costs once.

Both the deposit management and the inclusive extras complete the extra functionality in rentingforce. So certain extras such as deposit insurance can be configured so that the security deposit is set to another value (e.g. 500 $ instead of 1500 $), and of course, also to 0. Inclusive extras make it possible that at a certain price, for example, one day, includes a certain amount of extras. If you rent a car, for example, 100 km can be included for a day. Additional kilometers will cost an extra.

Extras can also be sorted for online booking.

June 09, 2016

New reports: sales and usage statistics, additional reports for booking extras and storage forecasts

For the module Statistics and Reports, a number of new reports have been released last week. All statistics have in common that they can be filtered freely by object group, object category, base and / or establishment. In addition, you can compare the aforementioned establishemnts for example as well as compare the performance of different bases or different groups of objects together.

The utilization statistics shows, for example, how well the various rental objects are demanded at what time of the year.

New utilization statistics in rentingforce

The turnover statistics also provides information about which transactions could be, for example, on which object categories scored in what time frame.

Sales statistics for different object categories compared

In addition there are statistics of booked extras or the storage forecasts, which show which articles will be demanded at what time. All together the new reports are powerful tools for detecting potential performance improvements in your business!

June 06, 2016

New Message Center and context-sensitive creation of entities

This week there were several new features released in rentingforce. In this article, we first describe the new Message Center and the context-sensitive creation of customers, rental objects and rental transactions. In another article, we introduce the new reports and statistics in rentingforce.

While rentingforce has previously used a private messaging system, we now move with the times and supplement this by a full e-mail integration. So all outgoing messages are sent as e-mail and are additionally stored in the rentingforce Outbox. Messages sent via rentingforce are also displayed in the inbox of the recipient. A later integration of external incoming e-mails in rentingforce is on our list of priorities for future releases.

New mask for e-mail with additional receivers, CC and BCC
The Message Center now supports other recipients and additional CC and BCC addresses. There is also improved error handling with feedback to the owner if emails could not be sent. Also standard CC and BCC addresses in e-mail templates and also in the global settings complete the new e-mail features.

Another new feature in this week was the context-sensitive creation of rental properties, customer and operations.

Context-sensitive creation of transactions, customers and rental objects
If one is in the customer view and wants to create a new transaction, the customer is already preselected. The same applies to the view of a rental object.

In addition, the order of extras in the online booking process can also be configured by means of a priority in the extra management newly.